Busy winter!

Spring is getting closer!  I’ve been very busy since last fall – mostly in my life outside SRP.  I completed my first Ironman in Arizona in November and then finally took some time off training to make progress on some house projects. 

In addition to that,myself and a few guys from my full time day job have been working on a special project that we have been calling “K-lift” (K stands for Kayak).    This is a custom powered Kayak carrier for a woman named Chris Slavin.  Chris is pretty amazing – she is paralyzed from the waist down – but that barely slows her and her beloved service dog Earle at all. 

Wheelchair-using Ipswich woman to become first person to hand-cycle around Ireland in 1,300-mile trip

Chris and Earle apparently really like kayaking – but obviously it’s tricky for them because they currently have to rely on someone else to bring and setup a kayak for her.  Our team has designed a custom kayak carrier for her Honda Element that will allow her to load and unload a kayak all by herself.  We fabricated a wooden mockup that we tested late summer and I’ve been doing the majority of the aluminum fabrication in the last many weeks in between other projects. So, if you have been getting frustrated with me for being delayed with some of the items on this site, I apoligize – but it’s been for a great reason.  I intend to update this site as that project moves forward.

Here’s looking forward to some warm weather soon!

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