Custom Ladder Adapter Plate




This plate allows you to easily replace your OEM original telescoping ladder with a more traditional marine step ladder.

From the early 2000’s to well into the early 2010’s Cobalt used the same style of center pole, 2 step telescoping ladder.  Unfortunately, the way this ladder is designed, the forces on the ladder bend the outer shell of the telescoping pole out of round and then the ladder is difficult to close.  On top of that, the length of the 2 steps is too short to be useful for many people.

These adapter plates allow you to use your existing ladder mounting holes in the swim platform to mount 1 of 2 different ladders to the bottom of your swim platform – either a Garelick 19643 (GAR19643), or the Marinebaby 3 or 4 Step ladder. Please note, the adapter plate is specifically drilled for one or the other – they are not interchangeable.



While the telescoping ladder used by Cobalt appears identical across Cobalt models, the actual hole mounting patterns are not identical.  As such, these plates are custom made for each new boat.  For models I have already designed, I like to double check the mounting pattern by sending a PDF that can be printed to scale and overlaid with the existing ladder before machining the new plate.

Further, different models have different ‘obstacles’ around the ladder mounting holes, such as swim platform mounting brackets.  For new Cobalt boat model designs, I require clear straight-on photos of the ladder and nearby features that need to be avoided.

The plates have aluminum standoffs welded to the top side to space the ladder away from the swim platform and make installation easier.  All stainless hardware is included. (Note, the Cobalt 250 adapter in the gallery was a prototype without the welded spacers)


Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 3 in


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