Sliderule Racing Aerobar Computer Mount


Custom made aero-bar computer mounts optimized for your cockpit.

Customize your aerobar mount:

  • Color *

  • Aerobar Spacing *

    This distance should be the distance between your aerobars in the position you intend to place the mount measured in millimeters.Min: 40Max: 90

  • Aerobar Diameter *

    Most aerobars are 22 millimeters in diameter, but if you are using something different, please enter it here.Min: 18Max: 25

  • K-Edge Compatible Mounting Insert *

  • Go Pro Mount *


This simple design helps put your computer in a place that is aero – tucked in behind your hands – and comfortable to look at. It is especially useful for cockpit arrangements with between-the-arm bottle arrangements.  It has the added benefit of providing extra rigidity by tying the aerobars together, as well as optionally allowing the mounting of a headlight or GoPro camera.

These are printed on  a high end industrial printer in strong and UV-durable Atomic PETG material.  Colors not listed may be possible – if you have a special color preference not listed, please contact us for more details.

The aerobar spacing dimension is from inside to inside so measure the distance in between the bars in the location that you intend to position the mount.  The dimension should be in millimeters.

The mount uses K-Edge inserts for easy replacements in the future if needed.  These can be ordered with the mount.

These are designed and fabricated to order, so please allow 2 weeks after ordering for shipment.



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