Sliderule Racing Products Waffle/Poptart Holder


(In)famous Sliderule Racing Products Pop-Tart Holder

Customize your holder:

  • Main Body Color *

    Color of the main housing

  • Clamp Color *

    Color of the aerobar clamps

  • Aerobar Spacing *

    Inside to Inside dimension of the aerobars in millimeters. Please try to be as precise as possible - tenths of millimeters is OK.Min: 2 charactersMax: 5 characters


Let’s face it… the most tasty ‘nutrition’ items for our long course races don’t fit into any bento boxes.  Which is why I designed this Poptart Holder.  For myself, mixing something a little more starchy into my race day ride helps me delay the dreaded taste bud fatigue.

This holder allows you to hold onto the larger shaped nutrition elements like Poptarts, Stinger Waffles, or even a PB&J sandwich without turning them into squished, crumbled messes.  A rubber band keeps your items from falling out while still being easy to retrieve with one hand.

Clearance grooves in the clamping sections allow routing of shifter cables or wires along the aerobars.

The dimension provided for the aero bar spacing should measure the Inside-to-Inside dimension between the bars in the location where you intend to position the clamps.  Currently, these are only designed for standard 22mm diameter aerobars.

These are printed on an industrial 3D printer in high quality, UV-durable, Atomic PETG filament.  Other colors may be available – if your preferred color is not listed, please contact us for more details.

These are made to order. Please allow for 2 weeks after ordering for shipping.


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