Sliderule Racing Triathlon Bento Box


Custom made triathlon racing bento box

Customize your bento box:

  • Frame Model *

    If your frame model is not listed, please reach out for a free unit in exchange for helping to develop a custom fit for your frame model.

  • Color *

  • Size *

    The 12 pocket size allows some racers to skip the special needs stop.

  • Chaptsick Type *


Long course racing demands careful planning of your nutrition.   Many bento box designs either don’t fit the amount of nutrition you would like to carry, or force you to mix it all up.  Then after you take that gel, you stuff the gooey pouch back into the bento box with the other gels and make a mess.

The Sliderule Racing Bento Box attempts to fix these problems.  Each pocket allows you to store a single serving of a gel, or chew or your treat (mine are Bullseyes!) in the order that you intend to take them.  After squeezing out the gel or eating the chews, put the empty wrapper back in that pocket to keep your bento box organized.

There are also cleverly placed pockets for a small squeeze bottle that you can fill with your favorite chamois cream or lotion (empty bottle included) and another for chapstick  (a favorite for the Ironman Arizona race!)

These are printed on  a high end industrial printer in strong and UV-durable Atomic PETG material.  Colors not listed may be possible – if you have a special color preference not listed, please contact us for more details.

These are designed and fabricated to order, so please allow 2 weeks after ordering for shipment.



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