Cobalt Twist Lock Series Umbrella Adapter – Plated (BLEM)


Twist-Lock Umbrella Adapter for Cobalt models 282, pre-2009 262, 276

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The Umbrella adapter for the Twist Lock compatible Cobalt Boat Models (296, 282, pre-2009 262, 276) enables use of  1.5″ diameter umbrellas.

Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum tubing and Electroless Nickel Plated for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. An internal welded cross bar protects the receptacle guide pin from umbrellas dropped into the adapter.  Hand machined and TIG welded.

This drops into the twist lock receptacles found on Early model 262’s as well as all 282’s.

A pinch thumbscrew is included, but we recommend using the through bolt or latch style for maximum umbrella holding power. See the detail sheet for more information.

A PVC adapter can be easily fabricated or purchased from Sliderule Racing Products to enable the use of large flag poles – great for leading the annual regatta or for seasonal parades (no wake speed only please!).

Due to the hand-machined nature of the tubing, there may be tooling marks visible.  Limited lifetime warranty.

NOTE: These are blemished units.  Full functionality and performance is guaranteed, and the standard warranty still applies, but there may be tooling marks, gouges or other machining imperfections that prevent it from being sold at full retail price.

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