4G GPS Tracker Holder


Stealth container to keep a 4G GPS tracker on your expensive Tri frame

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If you are anything like me, transporting your precious steed to far away races is a nerve wracking experience especially when airlines and shipping companies won’t even insure your bike for its replacement value.  My biggest concern is that my bike will get lost or placed on the wrong flight or get stolen right out of its case and will not show up at the race.

I purchased a 4G GPS tracking unit ( https://amcrest.com/am-gl300w-4g-real-time-gps-tracker.html) to keep with my bike so I could track it and find it if it was lost, but was worried that my bike/frame could easily become separated from the case so I wanted a clean hidden way of securing the tracker to the frame.  I also realized that this would be a good alternative to cell phone tracking for my family to keep tabs on me during my rides.

This holder contains the popular GL300 GPS tracking unit and allows it to be mounted to bottle cage mounts – either on the frame or behind the seat.  NOTE: the GPS tracking unit and subscription is not included.

It is printed on an industrial 3D Printer using high quality, UV-durable Atomic PETG filament.  Other colors may be available – please contact us if you would prefer a color not shown.

These are made-to-order, so please allow 2 weeks after ordering for shipping.


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